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Are you having trouble with your little ones sleep? I’ll help you find the best solutions for you and your baby. I take all your needs into consideration.

No sleeptraining! 


“I followed your advice and my little one had a 5 hour sleep bout :-). She was previously waking every 2 hours! That is a miracle!”


Lay back and watch!

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Scientific-based information and tips that over 40K families used to get more sleep and develop healthy sleep habit in infants.

Why my baby won't sleep?

Basic sleep info on infant sleep develpoment that every parent needs to know about!

Sleep problems 0-6 months

Your baby just won’t sleep? She’s up all night? You have no routine? She hates her crib? Feeding is a nightmare?  +BONUS video: How babies develop?

Sleep problems 6-18 months

Frequently wakes at night? Should you use a pacifier? Or not? She only dozes off for 20 minutes for naps? +BONUS video: Baby motor development boom

Sleep problems over 2 years

Thinking of weaning (breast or bottle)? Your evenings are a nightmare? +BONUS video: Tantrums

„I heard a lot of useful and practical informion, I finally understood that I didn’t do anything wrong and my baby is not broken or spoilt. She’s a completely normal baby with completely normal behaviour and other parents are struggling with similar problems. Babies are changing and developing fast. I need to accept my babies sleep temperament just as her personal traits. Thank you again!”


I help you to find your own way.

  • I listen to your needs and circumstances;
  • I tune in on what is going on in your life;
  • I give you all the information you need to understand your baby;
  • You will find your inner vioce of your own needs, priorities;
  • You will get tips and solutions that have been proven useful for thousands of families.

“Thank you for your advice! I can apply the new routines easily and the nights are much better.”


I have the following recipe

My ingredients:

lots of knowledge and experience about babies and infants on sleep development
neurological develpomnet
feeding (both breast and bottle)
motor development
family management
and mix it with careful listening and empathy to creatively and freely brainstorm together with you on the best possible solutions for the problem.


“Hi Szandi,

Your reassurance helped me a lot, I’m so greatful!!!


„Hi Szandi,
you helped me a lot again! Thank you! If I think about it hard it’s soo obviuous but something always derails you from the right path…”


Does this mean that i know what is good for you for sure? 
Of course, not!!

The fact that I know a lot about babies’ age-specific features does not mean that I would know for sure what the best way forward for every family might be. It is not my mission to talk every mom into bedsharing, breastfeeding or babywearing. I know from experience that some babies simply don’t like being in a carrier – I have learnt humility from my own children; and for some mothers babywearing is not an option – I have learnt servility from our own body. It would never occur to me to judge a mother who stops breastfeeding , because I have met many families, heard many stories, seen lots of difficult or even desperate situations. I am keenly aware that we all want the best for our children when making decisions.

My mission is to provide you with ideas and offer you a platform where you can consider different options before making an informed decision. What I am striving to do is help you realise what choices you may have, and how to combat the shadows that seem like formidable obstacles.

Whether you chose bedsharing or not, breastfeeding or not, babywearing or not, I have only one task: to support you with the decision you make.